Som-Mai Nguyen

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Beginning September 2019, I will be a JD student at Penn Law. I'm an alumna of Title I schools in Houston's Aldine Independent School District, as well as of Stanford University's Symbolic Systems program.

My name's pronounced "sum-EYE," as in addition and as in anatomy. The IPA goes /sʌˈmaɪ/. It's Nguyễn Quý Sớm-Mai in Vietnamese. (And maps to 阮晨 in Mandarin, for what it's worth.)

You can reach me at nguyen[dot]sommai[at]gmail[dot]com, as well as @sumeyegwen most anywhere online (by which I mostly mean on Twitter).


📍 Berlin, Germany

📚 Die Manon Lescaut von Turdej by Wsewolod Petrow

📚 The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert

📚 Diebe im Olymp (Percy Jackson, #1) by Rick Riordan